Amarillo Education Foundation Allocation of Grant Funds, 2021

Amarillo Education Foundation Allocation of Grant Funds, 2021

Congratulations to those teachers and administrators who applied and received grant money.
All applications were reviewed and scored by our Review Committee which consisted of teachers, administrators, and board members. Listed below are the recipients of grant funds, listed in order of ranking:

Amarillo Education Foundation is a proud sponsor of

Amarillo Education Foundation is a proud sponsor of

Amarillo Lemonade Day 2021

We also support Happy State Bank's Financial Literacy for

Amarillo ISD Students


A "Thumbs Up" and "OK" for "THINKing OUTSIDE the BOX"

A special school event for ALL the right reasons

Each school plans their own event

  • -It is fun for the children while contributing 25% of the proceeds back to the school and the school also receives a gift card!!
  • -It involves the Amarillo citizens with the opportunity to contribute to education in their area
  • -It is a way to give individuality to student and teacher success by providing funds for our "Building Futures" Grants.
  • -For every student that raises $16, they will receive a "THINK OUTSIDE the BOX" tee.

So everyone, let's "THINK OUTSIDE the BOX"!!!!!

Providing Funds for the Amarillo Independent School District

We offer educational grants and fundraisers for the Amarillo ISD

The school district has limited funds in the normal operating budget. When principals and teachers want to implement new programs or run into emergency issues that go beyond that budget, the Amarillo Education Foundation steps in. We're a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that supports the Amarillo Independent School District.

To support the local school district's mission of "graduating every student prepared for success beyond high school," we focus on educational fundraising and educational grants for the Amarillo Independent School District. We provide additional funds to support student and teacher achievement.

You'll find plenty of opportunities to give back to local students through our fundraising events. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Use a grant to support new programs at your school.



Join your community in supporting the local school system.



Participate in one of our fundraisers to help local students.



Donate to the Amarillo Education Foundation today.


When you donate to the Amarillo Education Foundation, you can rest assured that your money is helping local students and teachers directly. We:

  • Help give AISD students the recognition they deserve.
  • Recognize excellent teachers and administrative employees.
  • Offer venture capital for innovative programs and activities.
  • Provide resources for professional development and leadership programs.

If you're searching for a way to help the Amarillo, TX community, donate to the Amarillo Education Foundation today. You'll appreciate seeing your money go into programs that will impact the school system for the better.

Today's students are tomorrow's employees. It's important to support their education today so they become productive citizens as they grow older. The Amarillo Education Foundation offers plenty of opportunities for you to donate to the local school system. Call us today to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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